18 January 2018
2017 TWIST the professional textile magazine in UK

Taiwanese fabric manufacturer at Munich Fabric Start showcased an array of new performance innovations, technical fibers and eco development, Jonathan Dyson reports from Munich.




    One of the most eye-catching exhibitors at Munich Fabric Start was Asia Sun,which was making its debut at the show. The company, based in New Taipei City, specialises in reflective materials -branded AAA-which light up when a light is shone at the fabric.

    The reflective effect is achieved by a special glass which is used to create a reflective film that is then pressed on to the fabric. "Our reflective film can be used on any fabric, whether woven or knitted." Morris Tseng, the Asia Sun general manager, told TWIST. "We offer a total solution- we buy the fabric and then apply it with the reflective film. When we visit customers we often present to them alongside a fabric mill."

  Tseng said that the AAA material is providing increasingly popular thanks to athleisure trend,with consumers appreciating the extra safety when running at nighttime, for instance.

    "The materals were originally just used for reflective vest for safety wear, but now they are bing used in running wear, shoes, back packs and caps, as well as kids jackets, for instance when they walk to school." explained Tseng.

    He added that while the majority of sales have so far been in the US, the company is now aiming to grow in Europe as well.